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Our IT Solutions include:
  • Digital Marketing Solutions.
  • Hardware and Networking Solutions.
  • Offshore and Onshore IT Solutions.
  • ERP Solutions

Digital Maketing Service

1.Digital Marketing Service 
Combining the expertise of digital marketing resources onboard with the latest technology, Krazy Mantra enables enterprises in brand promotion, lead generation, enabling them to evolve and transform as a brand.
In this digital age, companies are evolving methodology to reach out to their targeted audience/ customers. That’s why digital marketing is assuming significance. There are strong reasons too; it’s affordable, cuts down infrastructure cost, delivers fast and reliable result.
Website Design & Development
In today’s world of cut-throat competition, presence of company on internet has assumed huge significance. Website is one of the prominent gateways to demonstrate your capability. With our rich expertise in website design and development, we are offering appealing, creative, visitor fetching, distinctive, business centric websites, catering to customers, cutting across geographies and domains.
We are also specialized in offering custom websites, designed exclusively as per the specific yardstick, requirements of the customer. Website developers and designers are also skilled in developing and designing intranet website, developed keeping requirement of the customers.
The portfolio of Website design and development comprises:
Marketing through Emails & Bulk Emails
Marketing through e-mails is one of the integral elements of digital marketing. Companies, institutes, individuals across the globe are banking on e-mail marketing for a variety of reasons, varies from enterprise to enterprise. The phenomenon banks on e-mails to reach out to the desired customers, viewers.
Bulk SMS
The Bulk SMS strategy enables enterprise to convey message to the desired customers for their strategic objectives. The purpose may vary from enterprise to enterprise. Leveraging our quality data base, we deliver Bulk SMS services across India, including tier one cities-metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkatta and tier two cities like Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Hyderabad and Indore among others.
Google Page Ranking
With the world swiftly switching to digital marketing, Google Page Ranking phenomenon is assuming huge significance. Research on the visitors’ attitude, style while searching for a relevant content, video, stuff suggests that the surfer usually banks on the websites displayed on the first page. Others are merely overlooked or undermined though they maybe informative, enriching. Page Rank displays the significance of the website; better the page ranking, more it will be beneficial for the enterprise.
PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
The PPC based advertising is a pivotal, effective medium of advertising products and services. Powered by PPC, enterprise can find themselves in the top list of search engines. This array of digital marketing is highly effective, reliable, and feasible. Why? The customer or advertiser only shells out money when the user clicks on their ad/s and visit their websites. While searching, browsing on search engines, websites, you can easily notice such ad/s. The similar campaign can be easily noticed on Blogs, social media network like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube among others.
SEO Promotion
The prominence of SEO is receiving massive importance in this age of digitalization as enterprises are focusing on milking the SEO process for their businesses strategies. Why? The phenomenon really pays off. Let’s make attempt to comprehend this phenomenon. SEO can be defined as a technology, methodology to optimize the ranking of a website/ web page on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). The better the ranking of your website/ webpage, better it will be for your business. As per the experts from the domain, websites/ web pages with higher rank attracts more visitors as it’s a human tendency to bank on the first come first serve philosophy.
Link Building
For various strategic reasons enterprises focus on link building exercise. As the process is business centric, plays a significant role in meeting the setout objectives, its usage is growing exponentially. Link building displays the search engines’ (Google, Yahoo, MSN) algorithms for ranking websites.
Affiliate Marketing
With clear intention to augment their business, websites’ promoters/ founders are entering into business alliance with other websites’ promoters/ founders, sharing their revenue with the affiliate. The revenue may range from 25 to 50%, depending on the business deal and sale generated.
Blog Creation & Marketing
Blog is considered as one of the cheapest modes of online marketing/ digital marketing. Many a web portal company offers the facility of blog creation free of cost, saving customers from the hassles of booking, purchasing a domain name, hosting. The moment you create your blog, your presence is established on the internet. Considering the advantages of the blog, enterprises are leveraging the new age phenomenon for their strategic requirements.
Article Writing
With focus to optimize their web presence, enterprises are rendering great emphasis to article writing. This initiative enables customers in expressing their products/ services in accordance with their business strategy. For filling space, you may ask a rookie to pen down articles for your strategic requirements. But this wouldn’t work. To meet business requirements, enterprise can’t take risk with the quality of the article. Resources with professional expertise in article writing are tailor-made for the job.
Brand Development & Management
In this era of cut throat competition, brand development and management plays a pivotal role in defining the progress of the enterprise. Interestingly, the phenomenon pays off. Why? Regardless of your domain of business and geography, the market is flooded with extreme competition. Enterprises can’t remain laidback to be in business. For them, in order to surmount business challenges, brand development and management is significant. Only through credible brand, businesses can beat the heat of competition. Otherwise, you will lose the battle with the competitors. Brand comprises a set of features identified with your brand, including name, logo, corporate tag line and product/ services’ identity among others.
Social Media
The advent of the social media has thrown many wonderful developments in the ecosystem engulfing us. Depending on their strategic requirements, enterprise can bank on the contemporary development. For instance, young people are banking on the miracles of social media for a wide range of purpose, including friendship, career, education, gaming among others. While for enterprise, the goals are different, ranging from brand building to sale generation, PR to resource recruitment.
Social Media Advertising
The world has evolved beyond imagination since the beginning of internet and other deliverables emerged to bank on the benefits of the social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Googleplus among others. Corporates world over, including our own India are cashing on the benefits of the social media advertising in accordance with their strategic requirements.
Enterprises are either outsourcing social media advertising or delegating the same to their in-house team; however, not many can take the leeway to push the application under the carpet.
Content Development
The requirement of content varies from enterprise to enterprise. Some require content to impact the sale, while for some it’s to optimize the brand, name. Those days are gone when you can keep the laidback attitude for content. You just can’t simply delegate the content assignment to anybody. Considering the significance of the content, more and more companies are hiring resources specialized in developing content matching customers’ strategic requirements, be it for fetching new clients or enhancing the brand of the organization.
With content domain receiving prominence, companies are coming up with specific department too. Resources specializing in content development, writing and editorial among others are very much in demand these days. These are the resources tailor-made for the job.
Digital PR
The digital revolution has been instrumental in compelling the PR experts to redefine their PR strategy. Enterprise are streamlining their PR in order to keep in sync with the ever changing market dynamics. Since the evolution of the digital world, the traditional PR has gone for a massive change. The significant corporate domain is no more just related to developing relations with the media outlet and releasing the press releases.
Digital PR blends traditional PR with the business centric social media and content marketing. That leads in the augmentation of web presence, in turn brand. Now, companies don’t have to run around media outlets for spreading their brand, developing positive PR or reactive PR. Simply from their office, now companies can manage their PR campaign.

Hardware and Networking Solution

2.Hardware and Networking Solution

Krazy Mantra is a professionally managed company with expertise in broad industry Hardware and Networking Solutions. Our portfolio comprises installation, management, delivery of gateways, access points, network interface cards, networking cables, broadband, internet services, offsite and onsite backup, VPNs and host of other Hardware and Networking peripherals, enabling enterprises to meet their enterprise objects.

Offshore and Onshore IT Solution

3. Offshore And Onshore IT Solutions
The state-of-the-art infrastructure in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is equipped with the latest technology, equipment to meet the demand and challenges of enterprises. Krazy Mantra has the right mix of talent and practices that modern day enterprises require to stay ahead in the crowded market competition. Aligning with our end-to-end Offshore and Onshore IT Solutions, enterprises cutting across industries are realizing their strategic goals.

ERP Solution

4. ERP Solutions
Krazy Mantra ERP Solutions are designed and developed to manage enterprise business flow, processes and automated to deliver real-time integrated view. Employing our suite, enterprise can collate, save, store and interpret broad business processes, including production, sales and marketing, inventory, administration and HR among others. The vast industry experience in developing the  ERP Solutions enables us in offering custom solutions, matching industry requirement.

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